Umbris Aluminium Garden Pergolas

About the Umbris Pergolas

We're excited to now offer the Umbris Garden Pergola which is prominently on display in our showroom located in Brentwood Essex (near M25 junction 29).

We believe that the Umbris garden pergola is the best on the market. It comes with a high price tag, but you're worth it, come in and see why. Once you see the pergolas you'll quickly realize what we already know. It's first in class styilish luxury worth paying for.

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Here are all of the right reasons to own an Umbris Pergolas

  • It's completely customizable, each one is unquiquely styled to meet their owner's expectations. For example, if you prefer not to have a support pole in the corner of the pergola, it is no problem with an Umbris. Within reason you can chose to locate the support poles in various areas of the pergola as featured in the video. 

Umbris Aluminium Pergolas
Umbris Aluminium Pergolas
Umbris Aluminium Pergolas
  • Lots of choice of sizes and shapes and colours. 
  • If you are looking for a very large pergola then Umbris have the option to customise without compromising.

Umbris Aluminium Pergolas
Umbris Aluminium Pergolas
Umbris Aluminium Pergolas
  • Motorised lourve system are hidden inside the garden pergola. This means that when you look out of the upstairs windows of your home onto the Umbris, you see an elegant lourve roof system and not an ugly motorised system. With this design the motor system is protected by the Umbris. 
  • Thicker roof profile than any other aluminium pergola on the market, giving a very modern look. 
  • Customised awning extensions manufactured in teak or aluminium to give the design more originality and style than a standard rectangular pergola. 
  • Customised colours of remote control electric blinds.
  • Wind sensors that allow the Umbris to open automatically on windy days to reduce risk of damage. 
  • Snow sensors that allow the Umbris to open automatically when it snows to avoid damage. 
  • Heating and lighting systems integrated into the design of the garden pergola.
  • Drainage system hidden inside the legs of the garden pergola which can be drained away ( into flower beds etc ) hidden under the flooring. 
  • Optional LED spot lights within the lourve system that are remote controlled. 
  • Optional horizontal or vertical teak walls.
  • Optional horizontal or vertical aluminium walls in various designs. 
  • Long manufacturer warranties on various aspects of the pergola. 

Visit our showroom to view one of these beautiful pergolas today.

Our showroom model is 7m x 4.25m and has a retail price of approximately £40,000.

You can visit the Umbris site to view their Product Video

We highly recommend coming to view the best pergola on the market in our M25 Brentwood Showroom, a 2 minute drive from M25 Junction 29.

We also offer products through our partner site Pergola