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The Porada brand was born from pure passion. Luigi Allievi established the company in 1968 with his aim of expanding the production of chairs, which itself began in 1948. His sons became his promoters and together they created a company that prides itself on excellent quality and professionalism.

Before it was known as Porada, the brand was first a manufacturer of wooden chairs. The name change occurred when Allievi’s sons joined the company in 1968 and the business began to produce a wider range of furniture.

Today, the Modern Furniture Company makes available sofas and armchairs, beds, bookshelves, TV stands, side and coffee tables, consoles, desks, dining tables and chairs among other Porada furniture options.

The combination of quality and experience quickly gave the company a solid identity, which in modern times expresses itself in refined products that meet the needs of everyday living.

Porada is built upon a love for solid wood and an admiration of the creativity involved in creating stunning furniture out of raw wood. This is what originally established Porada as a home for professional craftspeople, but the business has since expanded to embrace other materials such as glass, metal, and marble.

Porada’s collection is wide and extremely varied, made up of a range of occasional furniture developed together with designers such as David Dolcini, Gino Carollo and Studio Buratti, among others.

The remarkable mission of Porada

The human factor of Porada is both its most important aspect and its main strength. The people behind Porada are just as valuable as the materials and tools used during the production process.

After all, these are the people who have become a part of the Porada family and who treat all Porada products in the same way as they would their own, putting the utmost care and compassion into their daily work.

Balance is an extremely important aspect in each of Porada’s designs. The brand has achieved international success by chasing the perfect blend of structure and purpose. So, not only do the designs look good, but they perform well and are built to last a lifetime.

Highlights of the Porada collection

Attractive Porada furniture options available in our Essex showroom include the likes of the Porada Bignè Coffee Table. This side table comes with a wooden, marble or leather covered top with metal end feet. As far as the specification options are concerned, you have a choice of two round tops and an oval option. Available finishes for this table encompass natural ash, ash moka stained, black marquinia marble, matt lacquered open pore marble, and many more.

Another alluring side-table option is the Porada Bubble Side Table. This table is on castors with a frame in curved plywood, in addition to a tempered glass table top. Wood, glass, and lacquer finishes are available depending on your preference.

Meanwhile, the Porada Alfred Dining Table is a popular choice for those seeking out something sleek and adjustable. This rectangular dining table offers various options for wood base finishes, such as canaletta walnut or matt lacquered closed pore, while the tempered glass top is 12mm in thickness.

Finally, brushed brass is used for the adjustable feet, supports and joints of this dining table, which really will help you impress any audience in your home.  

With the above being just a sampling of the various Porada furniture options in our store, why look anywhere other than the Modern Furniture Company for your own next highly contemporary-styled Italian furniture?