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Bontempi Uchi Pouf

The luxurious and stylish Uchi pouf can double as a seat or a coffee table. It is available in a wide range of fabrics and colours.

Dimensions (cm)

L 40 x P 40 x H 43


  • Eco Leather: White TR505, Ivory TR500, Beige TR501, Sand TR518, Mud TR519, Brown TR510,Dark brown TR503, Red TR502, Bordeaux TR509, Pink TR511, Lilac TR512, Green TR513, Blue TR514 ,Cobalt blue TR515, Light grey TR516, Anthracite TR517, Black TR504,
  • Waterproof Nabuk: White TN001 Sand TN002 Biscuit TN010 Dove grey TN003 Mink TN004 Dark brown TN009 Bordeaux TN008 Light blue TN005 Blue Bondi TN006 Anthracite TN007
  • Lulù fabric: New! Ice TLU01 Dove grey TLU02 Dark brown TLU04 ,Salt&pepper TLU03, Mustard TLU05, Orange violet TLU06, Violet grey TLU07, Powder blue TLU08, Petroleum TLU09.
  • Mambo fabric: New! White TMA01, Ice TMA02, Light grey TMA03, Dove grey TMA04, Mustard TMA05 ,Coral gold TMA06, Violet gold TMA07, Black gold TMA11, Dark brown TMA10, Turquoise TMA08, Prussian blue TMA09, Anthracite TMA12.
  • Pure Virgin Wool: Natural TL001, Sand TL002, Melon yellow TL011, Dark brown TL003, Green forest TL004, Aquamarine TL012, Light blue TL006, Blue Navy TL013, Powder TL010, Light grey TL008, Anthracite TL00
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The luxurious and stylish Uchi pouf can double as a seat or a coffee table. It is available in a wide range of fabrics and colours.

Dimensions (cm)

L 40 x P 40 x H 43


  • Eco Leather: White, Ivory, Beige, Sand, Mud, Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Bordeaux, Pink, Lilac, Green, Blue, Cobalt Blue, Light Grey, Anthracite, Black
  • Waterproof Nabuk: White, Sand, Biscuit, Dove Grey, Mink, Dark Brown, Bordeaux, Light Blue, Bondi Blue, Anthracite
  • Pure Virgin Wool: Natural, Sand, Melon Yellow, Dark Brown, Green Forest, Aquamarine, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Powder, Light Grey, Anthracite
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