Contemporary furniture is a style of furniture influenced by modernism which consists of minimalistic aspects, tones of highlighting greys, and sleek shades of white. Less is often more with contemporary style, creating atmospheres and aesthetics that are big on simplicity and function, but little on cluster and extremeness. 

With that being said, contemporary furniture has grown in popularity and continues to rise as the sleek, smart style sparks appeal to many homeowners and designers. 

Here are just some of the reasons why contemporary furniture is gaining so much in popularity.


What is contemporary furniture style?


Contemporary design style is influenced by whatever is popular and trendy at a given time. It's a trend-driven design style that changes with time, which means it is always evolving and changing as time goes on and trends change. It incorporates features from a variety of styles and eras, blending them with an overall minimalist look. 

This style’s primary colour palette consists mainly of sleek tones and shades of greys, white and some beiges. Bright and vibrant tones and colours are often overlooked as they can be seen as quite ‘over the top’ and lacking in modern, neural details, thereby not fitting with the latest trends. Colourless is perhaps the approach with many contemporary styles, with earthy colours like sage being quite common for some of the latest contemporary furniture trends.


Contemporary vs modern


Despite contemporary style often having modern style elements, contemporary and modern are not the same and have their differences. Modern design is a fixed style that deviates from the classic style prior to the Industrial Revolution. Modern design offers far less flexibility and freedom than contemporary design.

Contemporary furniture is the furniture of today, therefore it develops with time while still incorporating elements of modern design.

Why it’s becoming more popular

Although functionality is essential when it comes to furniture, the actual design and aesthetic of an interior and furniture is just as, if not more important. Design is arguably the most crucial aspect of furniture, as the look of one piece or set of furniture can set the tone and look for an entire interior space. 


Aesthetically appealing - Contemporary furniture simply looks appealing and aesthetically attractive, so it’s clear why it has become increasingly popular.


Modern but classy - Although it is a design style that can change with time, it is always up to date with the current times and trends, so your furniture will match the current era’s design trends and style.


Relaxing atmosphere - Contemporary furniture’s subtle colours and minimalism offer every space a unique feeling of serenity, calmness and relaxation. When soothing colours and textures are used to stop your eyes from being weary, it will ensure that they do not become fatigued.


Order and structure - Maintaining minimalistic, contemporary furniture items with smooth surfaces and keeping them clean is significantly easier than keeping elaborately decorated furniture clean and in order. You can unwind more easily knowing that you don't have to worry about whether you've cleaned all of your furniture's additional corners and edges.


There you have it – a great summary of just what it is that makes contemporary furniture so sought-after, that will hopefully guide you in your own buying choices!