Contrary to popular belief, the term ‘modern furniture’ does not mean the same as ‘contemporary furniture’! Contemporary furniture follows the current moment, our favourite trends right now, and is in a constant state of flux and evolution.

On the other hand, modern furniture arose alongside the modernist movement in the early 20th century. Broad transformations in Western societies during this time helped to bring about design styles that were concerned less with the seemingly superfluous decoration and clutter of past styles, instead placing the emphasis firmly on function.   

It was a time that saw many designers embrace a powerful monochromatic colour palette, clean lines, and striking, but basic forms. As such, one might summarise the modern furniture style as embodying a minimal look, but with maximum function.


The enduring power and relevance of modernist furniture

But there’s so much more to the modern furniture style than a simple ‘clean, open’ look. After all, we would be well-placed to know, as a leading Porada furniture supplier in the UK!

Porada effectively came into being in the ‘modernist era’ – 1948, to be precise, courtesy of Luigi Allievi. With this brand, the modernist love for unique, yet uncomplicated craftmanship, light wood, little embellishment and a professional appearance is clearly demonstrated.

No brand quite epitomises modernism in furniture to this day, as much as the Italian-made Porada does. Italian-made furniture is known for being luxe and high quality: this is also important when considering the modern furniture style, as every piece should be made to last.

Amid the lasting impact of the Great Depression, furniture could no longer be so easily discarded and replaced with the current fashion. Therefore, the modern furniture style is also surprisingly timeless: well-built and fashionable, no matter the era.


How to embrace modern furniture in your own abode

We’ve advised you on a modernist furniture brand, but how can you incorporate modern furniture pieces into your home now?

You could have the beginnings of a modern furniture look right now, just unaware of it! If your home has lots of light and airy space, this is the perfect format from which to implement the modern décor style.

Consider starting your modern style journey by purchasing one or two small modern furniture pieces – perhaps a simple leather ottoman, or a square side table made from versatile pine wood. Make sure your furniture pieces in every room are well spaced, with plenty of room in between. You should be able to move freely between your sofa, television and coffee table, for example.

Too many people are guilty of clumping their furniture pieces together, which in turn, can contribute to a ‘cluttered’ look in the home. This goes directly against the ethos of the modern furniture style.

You could even switch up table legs or door handles, which are easily removed and replaced with a little touch of DIY! Replace them with wood, hardened glass or steel. These materials are very much of the ‘modern furniture style’, and even the simplest of changes can bring this style into your home.

All in all, modern furniture was designed to be soothing to the eye; not as striking as Art Deco or as harsh as industrial interiors – something adaptable, diverse, both sleek and soft! This is a style well worth trying out, and keeping in the long term.