Are you looking for beautiful Italian furniture to enhance your abode? It’s understandable that if you are going for a simple and modern vibe, you might well purchase Bontempi furniture. After all, this brand lives and breathes elegance, and has been decorating the homes of stylish clients since 1963.

All Bontempi furniture is made in Italy and is famous for its detail and style. That’s why it could well be the perfect addition to your own living room.

But what are some of the main reasons why you should be seriously considering buying Bontempi furniture for your own living room?


Ecological leather


No matter what type of furniture you are after, if you want a chair or sofa in leather, you will be pleased to know that Bontempi furniture can be furnished in ecological leather. That means if you are worried about the environment, you can feel good knowing that your stylish living room did not come at the cost of cattle.


Your leather living room furniture will not awkwardly stand out from your other furniture. It’s important that all of your items suit their surroundings. With a Bontempi furniture set from a trusted Bontempi furniture showroom, all of your furniture will blend together perfectly through a soft modern theme.


Subtle colours


Sometimes, if you pick problematic colours for your furniture, you may find that it makes your furniture stand out in the wrong way, especially if it clashes with your wallpaper, rugs and flooring.

When you choose Bontempi furniture, you can be sure that the colours will remain subtle to ensure the simplicity shines out in your room. That way, it can be welcoming to any guest who wishes to relax in a warm and comfortable environment.

What makes this simplicity even better is that it can absorb light; therefore, early morning sunrises will look glorious in your living room!


Interesting shapes


When it comes to Bontempi furniture, you may naturally think that straight lines need to always be used to provide a sense of style in the room. In order to make your living room appear unique, the furniture plays with height and shape to give it a contemporary look. This includes circles in bright colours that can absorb light, but also be strong enough to hold drinks and heavy objects.

With that said, Bontempi furniture can also be made with straight lines in mind in order to give the furniture a certain sense of style.


Cosy and stylish


There are so many different styles of armchairs, chairs, tables and poufs for you to decorate your living room with when it comes to Bontempi. Not only can they come in the style of swivel chairs, but they can keep all four legs on the ground to ensure you have a cosier environment.

The height of the legs of a chair can really have an impact when it comes to its style. A chair with its legs closer to the ground can look homelier and comfier for evenings relaxing with a book, but those with larger legs can look more modern and ‘chic’. Bontempi can offer both styles, meaning your living room can always look unique.  


With all of the aforementioned strengths of Bontempi furniture in mind, why not browse the latest pieces from this renowned brand in The Modern Furniture Company’s online store today?