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  1. Why A Garden Pergola Is A Must Have For Your Garden

    Pergolas are becoming increasingly popular additions to gardens, and for good reason. They add a touch of elegance and style to any garden while providing an ideal place to relax in the shade or enjoy some fresh air.

    The pergola is a great way to add a sense of privacy to your garden and is also a wonderful space for entertaining friends and family.

    In this article, we will be looking at what makes a garden pergola so special, as well as how you can use them to create a unique outdoor living area that is perfect for relaxing in the summer months.

    Types of Pergola

    There are many different types of pergolas available, but here are two main styles that you might like to consider:

    ●     Traditional Style

    This type of pergola has been around since ancient times, and looks very similar to the traditional wooden trellis used to support vines. These structures are often made from wood, although metal versions are also available.

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  2. 3 High End Investments That You Can Consider For Your Home

    We all know that real estate has always been a good investment option - but have you ever given any thought to how you could enhance the investment value of the items inside your home?


    The answer is simple: by investing in high-end furniture and accessories, you can make your home look more luxurious than it really is, and these pieces themselves can then be used as investments - provided that you have a good eye, and make smart choices.


    Here are some ideas on how you can add value to your home, and boost the overall investment potential.


    1. Furniture


    Furniture is one of the most important things to consider when decorating your home because it will give the impression of luxury and class to your living space. Choosing the right type of furniture can also be very lucrative, as it can serve as a valuable investment piece down the line.


    If you want to invest in furniture

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  3. Outdoor lighting ideas to create a cosy outdoor space

    Are you looking for ways to improve your outdoor living spaces? If yes, then you should consider adding some outdoor lighting fixtures; these are the perfect option to add a touch of elegance to your garden or patio, and help you to make the most of your outdoor space.


    There are various types of outdoor lighting options available today. They include floodlights, spotlights, track lighting, downlights, and solar panels. Each type of outdoor lighting option comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and we will take a closer look at some of the top options to help transform your garden into a super cosy outdoor space.


    1. Twinkling fairy lights

    Twinkling fairy lights are one of the best outdoor lighting ideas that you can use in your garden. These lights come in different sizes and shapes, and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

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  4. How to enjoy your outdoor living space

    Your outdoor living space is essentially an expansion of your home. This is why it is crucial that you are able to shape it into the space of your dreams.

    Whether it is a garden or just an outdoor extension, your external living space should reflect your personality and look inviting to anyone who catches a glimpse of it.

    Whether you want to use it as a place of socialisation, privacy or relaxation, there are many ways that you can actively enjoy your outdoor living space. Here are some ways for you to get started.


    1. Make your space reflect you


    In the past, your garden or outdoor space might have been used to establish your social image. However, nowadays, it is a bit different. Some people might still want to use their garden to make an impression on others, but we would recommend that you especially prioritise making it personal to you and your interests.

    For those who want to use their garden for social

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  5. Why contemporary furniture is becoming more and more popular


    Contemporary furniture is a style of furniture influenced by modernism which consists of minimalistic aspects, tones of highlighting greys, and sleek shades of white. Less is often more with contemporary style, creating atmospheres and aesthetics that are big on simplicity and function, but little on cluster and extremeness. 

    With that being said, contemporary furniture has grown in popularity and continues to rise as the sleek, smart style sparks appeal to many homeowners and designers. 

    Here are just some of the reasons why contemporary furniture is gaining so much in popularity.


    What is contemporary furniture style?


    Contemporary design style is influenced by whatever is popular and trendy at a given time. It's a trend-driven design style that changes with time, which means it is always evolving and changing as time goes on

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  6. Can you mix modern and contemporary furniture?


    With the two words being seemingly synonymous with each other from the perspective of many people, and the two styles including some similar elements, many people confuse modern with contemporary furniture design – although there are numerous differences between the two styles.

    However, although the two styles remain different to each other, the question looms: can you mix modern and contemporary furniture?


    How to mix modern and contemporary


    It may be easier to mix modern and contemporary furniture if you have a good understanding of the varied meanings of each design style. 

    Here are the definitions of the two furniture styles, outlining what makes each aesthetic different.


    What is modern furniture?


    Modern design and furniture style refers to a historical period spanning t

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  7. How Bontempi furniture can spruce up your living room


    Are you looking for beautiful Italian furniture to enhance your abode? It’s understandable that if you are going for a simple and modern vibe, you might well purchase Bontempi furniture. After all, this brand lives and breathes elegance, and has been decorating the homes of stylish clients since 1963.

    All Bontempi furniture is made in Italy and is famous for its detail and style. That’s why it could well be the perfect addition to your own living room.

    But what are some of the main reasons why you should be seriously considering buying Bontempi furniture for your own living room?


    Ecological leather


    No matter what type of furniture you are after, if you want a chair or sofa in leather, you will be pleased to know that Bontempi furniture can be furnished in ecological leather. That means if you are worried about the environment, you can feel good knowing that your stylish living room did not com

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  8. Can you mix modern and contemporary furniture?


    Not all of us are experienced interior designers, and we often worry whether the furniture pieces we choose actually match, or we merely think they do. In that sense, the task of trying to mix furniture might only make your furnishing indecision worse, rather than better, particularly if you don’t feel very well-educated on the differences between the different design styles.

    One common matter of confusion is the difference – or lack thereof – between ‘modern’ furniture and ‘contemporary’ furniture. As it turns out, these two terms do not refer to exactly the same thing!

    Having said that, it’s also definitely true that you can mix modern and contemporary furniture, as long as you take note of a few guidelines! Below, then, we have set out definitions of modern and contemporary furniture for you, before providing advice on how to make these unique furniture styles work together for the betterment of your home.


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  9. What Is modern furniture style?


    Contrary to popular belief, the term ‘modern furniture’ does not mean the same as ‘contemporary furniture’! Contemporary furniture follows the current moment, our favourite trends right now, and is in a constant state of flux and evolution.

    On the other hand, modern furniture arose alongside the modernist movement in the early 20th century. Broad transformations in Western societies during this time helped to bring about design styles that were concerned less with the seemingly superfluous decoration and clutter of past styles, instead placing the emphasis firmly on function.   

    It was a time that saw many designers embrace a powerful monochromatic colour palette, clean lines, and striking, but basic forms. As such, one might summarise the modern furniture style as embodying a minimal look, but with maximum function.


    The enduring power a

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  10. Garden design trends in 2022



    Now that we are almost into the summer of 2022, you might be considering how you can arrange or redesign your garden to make it look the best it possibly can.

    Gardening is a great way to keep active and destress. Not only that, but once you have your garden ready for the summer, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour and relax in it.

    So, you could go for the standard bundle of flowers in your garden, alongside a water feature and deck chairs… but you could also go with some of the most recent and compelling garden design trends in 2022.

    Embracing such trends could help make your garden look gorgeous and ready for you to enjoy in style – so, let’s take a closer look at a few of them.


    1. Jewel-coloured flowers


    One of the best things about owning a garden is the many different types of flowers you can potentially plant in it

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