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    Reflex Glass

    Reflex Angelo is a world-renowned Italian furniture company grown from the family’s traditional glassworks legacy. Reflex rejuvenated the venetian tradition of Murano crystal, and was the first to use Murano glass as bases for its tables. This brand’s gorgeous furniture pieces are true works of art, full of remarkable shapes and colours, creating the seemingly impossible.

    Reflex itself was born more than 20 years ago. This brand has always used high-quality materials such as glass, marble, forged iron, and wood.

    An unmistakable design and manufacturing philosophy

    Benefitting from lessons learned from the family glassworks tradition established in the forties, the industrial glass is enriched with shapes and colours that refer to the heritage of the Venetian handicraft, no matter how relevant and contemporary the given pieces are. All of this combines to create unique products that speak for themselves in terms of

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